Исполнитель: LaFee
Название песни: Set Me Free
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Слова песни: Set Me Free (LaFee)

Hey Mom, hey Dad
Don’t get mad
The time has come to let go of your girl
It was good while it lasted, but now I am past it
And nothing’s gonna change it
I won’t return
You want me to shut up
I’m tired off these standoffs
It’s time to grow up for the three of us
The time has come now for me to bail out
I’m not your little girl no more, no!

Set me free, let me go
I’m not the girl you used to know
Set me free, let me go
I have to make it on my own

Hey Mom, Hey Dad,
Don’t be sad
But I have to find myself on my own
It was good while it lasted, but now I am past it
You’ve got to let me go

Set me free, let me go

Dad: I don’t understand a word you say,
I’m your father, you better stay!
LaFee: I can’t stand your bitchin’ and moanin’ no more
I’m outta here, I’ve gotta go
Dad: Who the hell do you think you are?
Do as i say, hey, I’m talkin’ to ya!
LaFee: Let me , let me go!

Set me free, let me go


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